With the reveal of the all-new Bentley Bacalar, the flying "B" is once again shining a light on the company's coachworks division, Mulliner. While Mulliner has done some exclusive packaging previously, it hasn't recently been engaged in modern coach-built motorcars.

Until now, that is.

If you've been wondering what makes the $1.9 million dollar Bacalar special, we've got a treat for you. That's because the Top Gear team got a private audience with the all-new Bentley. And, it is special.

From its unique exterior design to its riverwood trim to its special touches never seen before on a Bentley vehicle, it is one for the ages. Of course all 12 copies are sold out but we reckon 99 percent of the population will be satisfied with the standard Continental GT.

VIDEO: See The All-new Bentley Bacalar In FAR GREATER Detail Than Ever Before

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