In the world of high-end, high-performance vehicles, Audi has carved out a bit of a niche for itself with its RS models. These are the four rings' autos of the highest order.

This translates into the best trimmed models, ones with the most impressive sporting credentials and the object of most enthusiast's affection. What's there not to like?

Well, harsh ride quality for one. But that's to be expected, to a degree.

That said, over the past week or so Audi has made a slew of announcements. Essentially, Audi has been coming clean on the pricing of many of its 2021 model year vehicles. So, here we go, Spies!

We've got to wonder: IF you were to select one of Audi's six figure RS models, WHICH would it be and WHY? Below, you'll find their base price.

  • Audi RS6 Avant: $109,000*
  • Audi RS7: $114,000*
  • Audi RS Q8: $113,000*
*These prices do NOT include title, taxes and fees.

OFFICIAL! Audi Announces Six Figure PRICING On Its Most EXCLUSIVE RS Models — WHICH Would You Have And WHY?

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