While it's safe to say that many gearheads welcomed the Porsche Taycan with arms wide open to do battle with the Tesla Model S, there's something else on the horizon. That would be Audi's effort.

Dubbed the E-tron GT, it made a bit of noise upon its concept vehicle's debut. Why?

Well, it looked damn good. That helped.

Spotted undergoing developmental testing, the E-tron GT is a sibling of the Taycan. Given its proportions and estimated WLTP rating of 248 miles of range, it starts to add up quite clearly. With any luck, Audi will be able to boost its range by the time it hits showrooms in 2021.

Expected to make its debut at the 2020 Los Angeles Auto Show (LAAS), we're eager to see what Audi does with the cabin.

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...It appears that the design of the original 2018 concept will be largely retained for production, with the camouflaged test mues sharing the same lines and proportions. Notable differences include the presence of door handles, which were absent on the concept...

...The finished car is expected to arrive with a 96kWh battery that will be capable of 248 miles of electric range on the WLTP test cycle, while 350kW charging should make an 80% fast charge take as little as 20 minutes. With the battery occupying the entire underfloor area between the front and rear axles, it's set to have a centre of gravity comparable with Audi's R8 supercar...

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SPIED! NEW Look At The All-new Audi E-tron GT — Is The Poor Man's Porsche Taycan Looking STRONGER Than Its Sibling?

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