This past Sunday I tuned in for the Democratic presidential candidate debate. After more than enough debates featuring too many folks who didn't have a shot in hell, it was nice to see two folks getting their hands dirty.

Well, that is if you could stay up for the two hour ordeal.

Although I'm the first to admit I am not an astute political mind, one thing did catch my ear. That would be Joe Biden's assertion that he is happy to essentially take down the oil industry and move forward with alternative renewable sources.

In addition, he reasserted his love for high-speed rail/trains that would take "millions of automobiles off the road." This made me sit up a bit.

It makes sense why Biden would be pro rail as he is from Delaware and the New York to D.C. corridor is highly trafficked and profitable. Elsewhere? Erm, not so much.

This, of course, got my wheels turning: IF you were pro Biden before Sunday's debate, does this goal of taking MILLIONS of automobiles off the road in place of high-speed rail have you second guessing your support?

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Does Joe Biden's Claim To Take MILLIONS Of Cars Off The Road Have YOU Second Guessing Your Support Of His Presidential Campaign?

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