The all-new, 2020 Chevrolet Corvette has been arriving in showrooms and getting into consumers' hands. Just in time for Spring.

While there's been a lot to discuss with the all-new C8 Corvette, the reality is that not many people have actually experienced it. So, what's it really like?

As of yesterday, Doug DeMuro posted a video detailing the C8 inside and out. You know, he runs through all the quirks and features.

Personally, I am most interested in the driving portion of his review. The other stuff is, more or less, self evident in all honesty.

Having said that, I know plenty of folks want to see the switchgear and tips/tricks, so, have at it, Spies! See what Doug DeMuro thinks of the all-new Corvette, below.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: Doug DeMuro DETAILS The All-new, 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Like NO ONE's Done Before

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