Fears of the global coronavirus pandemic have created more than just ripples across the automotive world—it's safe to say by now that the ripples have turned into full blown tidal waves. Both Ferrari and Lamborghini shut down production, while Formula 1 canceled the Australian Grand Prix and plans no races until as late as May or June.

But the big waves make headlines while, as is often the case, the ripples still spread and create all kinds of secondary issues. Compared to the lives of thousands of patients, coronavirus fears putting a halt to motorsport is of little concern. However, the extent of the pandemic can be viewed through the lens of smaller, more immediate effects like the fact that Pirelli had to destroy all 1,800 tires planned for use at the Australian Grand Prix.

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WHAT? Pirelli Destroys 1,800 F1 Tires Destined For Australian Grand Prix

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