To say the last few weeks have been weird, could be the understatement of the CENTURY. But we American's have tackled must more than this in our history and will probably face even MORE challenges in the years ahead.

For our non-American readers (quite a few), there is one thing that me as a person makes me proud to live here.

We are the dreamers, the ETERNAL optimists who believe in the impossible. We believe in miracles and that attitude has allowed us to win when so many believed we couldn't.

So we know this is all going to pass and life will go on. And we'll bounce back even stronger.

So this message is for my American readers and friends:

People are making things like masks to help, doing good things for neighbors, doctors and nurses are killing themselves, supermarket people feeding us, donating to charities, giving blood, praying for our country and world, sacrificing for others, American's helping American's. And then, there are the people who have spent their lives virtually 24x7 complaining, criticizing our leaders and posting negative stories like 'Our country is BROKEN', half of America will die because of Trump, worrying MORE about climate change than fellow working men and women, posting fake news to make America look bad, etc. So which one are you? Believing in America, optimistic, willing to sacrifice for your country with a heart knowing we will win and beat this or one of those? We at Auto Spies CHOOSE (and it IS a choice) to be the former. The cockeyed optimists.

We wish everyone the best and reach out if we can help. We are thankful for our country and for YOU! And let's all win together!

So that said, let's have some fun and get back to cars...In the event we and us delusional optimists are WRONG, WHICH vehicle would YOU choose to ride out a disaster if you could have one to make a great apocalyptic escape? Post your answer in the comments and if you have any stories or positive messages to share, let er rip Spies!

You Had ONE Car! Based On These WEIRD Times, If You Had To Only Only ONE Ride In Case Apocalyptic Events Occured, Which IS It?

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