Ok, our headline is a touch satirical, but with all the blunders Infiniti has made since launching in tandem with Lexus, it's hard not to take our words seriously.

I remember owning the first Lexus LS and it was a REALLY tough choice between rolling the dice on it or the Q45.

Living in Buffalo, NY. at the time made the decision easy because although I liked the performance of the Q better, not having the hot new 'traction-control' option and the lack of LED guages were the dealbreakers.

We all know the outcome and the rest is history. The LS crushed it.

And since then, Infiniti has produced some decent products here and there but on the whole much of their history is a calamity of errors.

But somehow, they're still around and making cars. None are game changers but all are decent.

Here is a review of the Q50 to refresh you memory that they are still breathing.

We wonder why and most likely, so do you...

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WAIT! They're STILL Making Infiniti's? They Are, But Like Many, You Wouldn't Know It.

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