I've been predicting a coming consolidation of vehicles, brands and companies. Even BEFORE this crazy disaster we're all a part of right now.

There were WAY too many choices out there. Brands, models AND companies.

And let's face it, even the buzz has compressed down to just a few companies and a few products.

In the old days, it was like a farmers market full of SO many great choices. M3's, M5's, E's, S4's, R8's and so on.

Those are ALL DOA now.

It's Pickup trucks, Suv's and Tesla. That's IT.

So our question is WHO and WHAT will survive?

And don't take the EASY route and wimp out and say something like Fiat/Alfa. Don't insult everyone's intelligence. This isn't AutoBlog or Edmunds.

It's a sad fact but there are just way too many choices out there and too little market for that many selections.

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Place YOUR BETS. It's A GIVEN A Car APOCALYPSE Has Begun. In The Next 12 Months WHO LIVES And WHO DIES?

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