It seems like a slew of NBA players are starting to diversify their lives. I guess one could consider it diversifying their brands.

I like to think that these basketball players are starting to get tired of being considered one dimensional. And it makes sense. With their rabid fans and massive followings, it's pretty much a layup should they want to start a podcast or YouTube channel.

Why not?

It seems that's what the Antetokounmpo brothers are doing with their own YouTube channel. A couple of recently posted clips show that the trio of brothers, plus a couple other NBA stars, visited Jay Leno's Garage. Well known around the world, Leno personally gave them a tour of his collection.

For me, the funniest part came when they got to the McLaren F1. It's one of my favorite autos ever built and it's a legend for its engineering prowess, which is quite dated now.

When asked how much they thought the F1 was worth, you may be surprised at their initial estimates.

See below!

VIDEO: You Won't Believe How Much Giannis Antetokounmpo And A Bunch Of NBA Players THINK A McLaren F1 Costs

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