If there's one thing I've learned over the past 10 years, it's this. People are dying to be noticed.

Frankly, it's a bit obnoxious.

But in the age where there's a lovefest over people like the Kardashians, well, this isn't exactly a shock. People crave attention. The days of folks living a humble existence is no more.

Obviously this is reflected in some of today's automobiles, which are a rolling expression of the owner. While it's not too shocking to see out of this world wraps of extreme wheel designs, it's another to see a fully decked-out interior.

That's because there's a lot more work to be put in there. Really, you need a team of fine craftsmen to make an interior look "right," or factory. But if you have the checkbook, anything is possible.

Just see below. This is a Mansory and Philipp Plein "Star Trooper" Mercedes-AMG G-wagon pick-up truck.

If you're not familiar with Plein, he's a German-based fashion designer. His work appears to be a brutal mash up of punk rock, metal spikes, leather, military and street art.

AWESOME or AWFUL? Is This FULLY Decked Out Interior THE BOMB Or A DUD?

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