New York has become the epicenter of coronavirus in the U.S, with at least 1,000 deaths and 60,000 confirmed cases in the state, according to the New York Times. During the month of March, every few days brought about restrictions for NY residents: stay inside, practice social distancing, only travel for essentials, etc. None of that, it appears, has managed to make an impact on certain influencers.

Take Naomi Davis, known as Taza on Instagram, who is a family/lifestyle influencer with nearly 500,000 followers, and lives in New York City with her five children and husband. On Sunday, Davis posted a picture showing her family getting ready to pack into a large RV and hit the road. “After two full weeks in the apartment,” she announced in the caption, her family has decided to “drive out west so we can have a little more space (namely some outdoor space for the kids) for a little while.”

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Have You Considered Just Getting A RV And Go Off The Grid Until This All Blows Over?

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