Talk to ANY Tesla non-believer and the first words out of their mouths are "But the fit and finish isn't up to par with people who REALLY know how to make cars."

Certainly not as big as they made the issue out to be but they were PARTIALLY right.

But they forgot or never learned what I did when I worked for Steve Jobs.

People are buying the leader/followers and their belief and vision, The product is in a distant third place.

They will put up with niggling things if they believe in what the founder and company is doing and the world future they paint.

Don't believe me? HOW MANY HOT WOMEN are driving around in Range Rovers with reliability issues as famous as their off-road capability?

See? You lost that argument quickly.

HOW MANY people read Auto Spies because they LOVE ME? Ok, kidding..we won't go there...

SO check out this video where they 'claim' the new Model Y has overcome that last obstacle...

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Time For The NAYSAYERS To Bang Another Drum? Is Tesla's BIGGEST Criticism OVERCOME On Model Y?

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