One question I don't think I've ever posed to our audience which is hotly political, is one the question of climate change.

As you know, there are a few trains of thought. These are probably the two most popular:

1. Climate change is a man made phenomenon and we need to get off the can (oil can) before it's too late or the planet will burn up and no more Hockey Night in Canada for 001 and everyone else.

2. Climate change is nothing new. It's always been happening and always will, but we humans cannot change the climate no matter how much money we spend or what we do. Party on Garth!

Seeing we're pretty much all locked down now and we have everyone's undivided attention, which camp would you say YOU ARE IN and WHY?

Be respectful...but lay it on the line WHY you believe what you do. And do you think what Trump did has dire implications or not so much?

Spies, discuss...

Trump Rolls Back Emissions Rules. Are You Of The Belief That Climate Change Is Man Made Or Not Our Fault?

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