The good folks over at The Korean Car Blog brought to my attention the adjacent image they saw posted on a South Korean forum. After doing a bit of digging, we eventually discovered it’s from a video Genesis released yesterday about the design details of the all-new G80. Being a teaser image, there aren’t any details regarding the identity of these six cars, but we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t try to decipher the mystery.

After brightening up the image in an attempt to expose more design details, we came to the following conclusion. From left to right, we seem to be looking at the GV80, GV70, G80, G70 wagon, Essentia, and Mint. There’s nothing to talk about regarding the GV80 and G80 as the SUV & sedan duo has already been revealed in full.

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Is Genesis Teasing A New Series Of Luxury New Wagons In This Shot?

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