2020 sure has been an interesting year.

While it wasn't so long ago that a US government official mocked the Green New Deal by suggesting that tauntauns would be a better mode of transportation, we're now living in the Green New Deal. In other words, cars aren't really being used. Planes aren't flying. And, people are walking, biking and doing everything they can to keep sane because they're not going much further than a mile or two from their homes.

Perhaps this doesn't mean when normalcy returns — whenever that will be — government officials will forget it ever happened. What are the chances this is the catalyst that accelerates the inevitable?

The inevitable being big brother forcing you to ditch the auto and get used to alternate modes of transportation

By 2035 the UK wants to ban new vehicle sales of non-EVs.

So, I've got to ask: Who's NEXT?

The UK government has set goals of accelerating the uptake of zero-emissions vehicles and shifting people out of cars by making public transport, cycling or walking "natural first choices" for travel. It has also committed to matching the European Union’s tough fleet CO2 emissions targets.

The steps that will be taken to achieve those goals will be outlined in a new Transport Decarbonisation Plan that's due to be published at an environment summit in November. The plan will be a key part of the government’s goal to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050...

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The UK Gov Plans To Do What It Takes To Get Drivers OUT Of Their Cars — WHO'S Next?

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