The 1980's were famous for a LOT of things starting with the beginning of the Ronald Reagan era.

So get your Wham records out, your parachute pants, Sony Walkman and COMB YOUR MULLET!

Take a look at the list at the link and let us know your fave's from the era and if you were driving then, what cars/trucks were YOU rockin'?

Some of the cars I had back then...

Jeep CJ-7
VW Rabbit convertible.
VW Dasher Diesel Wagon
MB 420SEL (2), 560SEL
Lexus LS400
Chevy S-10 Blazer 2-door (4)
Jeep Cherokee Chief

And while you're thinking about your favorites, enjoy this little gem...

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Here Are FORTY Standout Cars From The 1980's. Which Ones Were YOUR FAVORITES And What Were YOU Driving Then?

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