It's hard to argue with the Porsche 911. I know, I've owned quite a few.

But as much as I liked them I always thought they would be BETTER than they were. Faster, less expensive, more radical exterior, more unique.

To get one optioned right, it's mid 100's these days.

But there's a new kid in town. The mid-engine Corvette. Pretty much the only game changing thing GM has produced in 30+ years.

But let's give them credit. This new Vette is FINALLY what people have been wishing for. No more Wal-Mart interior, rat fur carpets and compromise after compromise.

So here's the question.

If it was YOUR money RIGHT NOW, would you spend it on a new Vette or go with the classic 911?

Spies, discuss.

CAR WARS! Knowing What You Know NOW, Would You Buy The Mid-Engine Corvette Or Porsche 911 With YOUR Money?

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