The Factory Five F9R is the upcoming supercar that you can build in your garage, and a new video shows off the latest state of the vehicle's development by providing a glimpse of the first completed carbon fiber body. It's a striking shape with the classic coupe aesthetic of combining a long nose and a short, sloping rear deck.

The F9R's styling comes from Jim Schenck and Saleen S7 designer Phil Frank. The front comes to a sharp point, and there's a big splitter. Massive extractors are at the front of the hood. Steeply raked A-pillars create a low roof. The louvers on the rear window are a retro touch. While not visible here, a huge wing will be an option. The carbon fiber body would come with a clear coat finish so that builders wouldn't need to paint it.


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The Ultimate COVID Project? Factory Five F9R Is A Supercar You Can Build In Your Garage

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