Brave? Foolhardy? Gosh, Toyota is ignoring the times we live in and launching a new car. Oh hang on, it’s not. It doesn’t actually go on sale for another year.

This mini-me RAV-4 will be Toyota’s attempt to crack the small crossover market. That’s the Jukes and T-Crosses and Pumas of this world. Sometimes I think it’d be worth setting up a keyboard shortcut: alt-f8 means ‘write a news story about a new compact crossover’.

This one’s called the Yaris Cross. If that name conjures up cars like the Fiesta Active, don’t be deceived. It’s not just a jacked-up Yaris with plastic arch extensions. It’s got all-new body panels, although it uses the same platform as the Yaris. The rear overhang is longer but the wheelbase is the same.

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New Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid Is Yet Another Crossover In A Flooded Market

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