This is what happens when you get quarantined and are DYING for the launch of a highly anticipated vehicle. Probably the MOST anticipated of 2020.

And which vehicle are we referring to? That would be the 2021 Ford Bronco.

The real launch was SUPPOSED to happen on 3/18/2020 but you all know what happened. CORONA!

I say we blame CHINA for the delay of the Bronco (kidding)! Kind of...

So without any further hulabaloo, let's #FakeNews launch this bad boy! What the hell, CNN and the media doesn't care about the truth...

Check out this video we like that has put all the details together for this incredible FAKE launch!!! Enjoy your weekend everybody!


EXCLUSIVE! Auto Spies #Quarantine #FakeNews 2021 Ford Bronco REVEAL!!!!

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