Auto Spies has never been shy of controversy. When I started back in 2001, I found out quickly that the auto press game is fixed just like political media.

And over the years we said some things that have ruffled a few things that were just a little to real for the car companies, the auto press and some of our competitors...

Here's a couple to refresh your memories...

Motor Trend, Car & Driver, etc. car of the year awards...The best awards money can BUY.

Chevrolet Volt...The modern day Edsel.

The Green Car Buyer: A Customer Created By The Media With An Agenda That Doesn't Really Exist?

And the one that relates to this subject...drumroll please...


Out record of calling the winners and losers over the years is unequaled. And we're proud of that fact.

I remember the first time I drove the Phaeton and all the media was goose-stepping parroting how great it was and it was the future...look out MB, BMW, Lexus and Audi! And I said to myself these people are mental.

There were two engines, eight an twelve cylinder. The thing was a TANK! So I know it was going to power. So I took the 12 cyl out. And all I could think a TWENTY cylinder version wouldn't have enough power! NOT kidding!! WHAT a dog. Too damn heavy. And that interior. Although high quality, it felt like you were driving from the inside of a casket. I knew when I heard the price that it was doomed. And we called it. I think it was two years before we were on a VW media trip after that headline.

But if you feel you missed out, here is your chance to buy a decent used one!

What are YOUR memories of this gem??

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Missed Your Chance To Own VW’s PHAETAL MISTAKE The First Time? Now’s Your Chance To Make Up For It.

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