Donned in my mask, I made a run to the local supermarket today to pick up a few things. In case you haven't been lately, it has become quite the weird experience these days. We've all heard the stories and seen with our own eyes the empty shelves with lots of missing items.

But one spot in the store that is still full and we kind of understand why, is the magazine rack. Now we know that many have stopped reading print because of the net but after seeing THIS cover of Road & Track I'm beginning to think there are MANY other reasons why people have rejected the old school guard.

Like the mainstream political media, it's clear they truly don't understand people today and are basically written to please car companies so they buy ads to wrap around these kind of nonsensical insights by their editors.

Check out the cover for yourself:

RETURN of the Sport SEDAN.

In WHICH world are sedans whether regular OR sport versions making a return?

Could there be a market more dead than small compact sedans?

WHAT are they thinking??

In WHICH World Are Sedans Making A COMEBACK? Road & Track Wins Most Out Of Touch Call So Far In 2020

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