One thing there is no arguing with is that if you've ever driven a Porsche Boxster or Cayman, it's EXTREMELY difficult to find a sports car that handles BETTER.

But if you're over six feet tall they are cars that are extremely hard to live with day to day. THEY'RE TINY!

And if you've looked at one recently, to buy one configured with all the right options it costs MORE than a 911 did a few years back.

But NOW, there is a REAL choice that in our estimation beats those cars on every single level other than snobbery.

The 2020 Corvette.

I've been seeing a number of them on the street and actually might even buy one down the road. I saw one today drive by a Boxster and it looked like it was passing a Fisher Price toy. Sorry, I'm originally from the Buffalo, NY area and FP was an institution there so I had to throw that in.

So maybe I'm missing a few key points blinding my logic so educate me/us.

Give me ONE really convincing reason of why anyone should but the Boxster/Cayman over a nicely appointed, 2020 Corvette.

I'm waiting...this will be a hard test...

A TOUGH Test! Give Us ONE CONVINCING Reason WHY Anyone Would Choose A Porsche Boxster OR Cayman Over The 2020 Corvette?

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