Stupid is as stupid does. Everyone remembers that line from Forrest Gump.

But sometimes, that line shows itself in real life.

Check this out...From our friends Amy Plemons and Jerry Reynolds at CarProUSA

For those COMPLAINING ABOUT HAVING TO PAY OVER STICKER PRICE FOR A 2020 CORVETTE, today in Dallas, TX at the Manheim Auction there was a 1900 mile red 3LT. Window sticker was still on it: $88,435. It gaveled to a used car dealer for $111,000 and the dealer had to pay a buyers fee on top of that. I saw it with my own eyes.?

Spies, are you surprised??

Stupid Is As Stupid Does. Are You Ready To See What 2020 Corvettes Are Going Through The Auctions For RIGHT NOW?

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