The Swedes are up to something, ladies and gentlemen. In an unexpected Tuesday announcement, electric car brand Polestar and hypercar maker Koenigsegg teased a new partnership via Facebook. And while we won't know for a while exactly what this is, we sure hope it isn't limited to 112 miles per hour. Ahem, Volvo.

News of "something exciting" was announced by both automakers on social media, ringing rumors of a potential collaboration of an unknown extent. Both posts feature the Polestar Precept concept and upcoming Koenigsegg Gemera hyper-GT. We were able to track down the location of the photo to a peninsula near Gothenburg, which puts the pair about six miles from Polestar's HQ.

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Koenigsegg And Polestar Team Up For Super Car - But Will It Be Limited To Volvo's 112 MPH Decree?

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