Forget the new Toyota Supra or the mid-engine Corvette for a second. One of the biggest "Will they, won't they?" stories in Car World over the past few years has actually been Hyundai's entry into the pickup truck game. The Hyundai Santa Cruz concept made big waves when it debuted in 2015, and it took four more years before we even knew it was greenlit for production. 

Now we know it finally is on its way (built in Alabama, too) and it will eschew a traditional body-on-frame truck setup for unibody construction after all. That's a big gamble on Hyundai's part—the only other major North American example is the Honda Ridgeline, and while it's more capable than people think, it isn't exactly poised to dethrone the F-150 anytime soon.


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WATCH: Pre-Production Hyundai Santa Cruz Pickup Caught TOWING A Trailer

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