If you have an electric car, you'll be happy to learn that Apple is adding EV routing into Maps. It takes into account temperature, weather, elevation, and other information to automatically add charging stations to your route if you'll need to juice up soon. It's working on deep integration with car manufacturers like BMW and Ford, so it will know exactly which stations will support your car.

If your car supports Apple's CarPlay service, you will soon be able to tap your phone to the door of the car to unlock it via NFC technology, just like paying with Apple Pay. If you lose your iPhone, you can turn off keys remotely via iCloud. You can even "share" your car keys via iMessage, and set restricted driver profiles, which can limit things like acceleration, top speed, and more. The first car to support this feature will be the 2021 BMW 5 Series, and it will likely take a number of years for a good portion of vehicles to support it.

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Apple UP's It's CarPlay, Maps And Features Like EV Routing.

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