In a world of bad auto news it's hard to debate that the 2020 Kia Telluride hasn't been anything less than a spectacular move for the Korean company.

So how do you improve on a runaway success without messing it up?

You do the little tweaks that delight customers even more that build on its success.

So spies tell us you won't see any huge changes but a couple that are coming will make everyone happy

One is something you will use everyday.

Wireless Apple CarPlay.

A few weeks ago we posted a story talking about a new edition as well. Originally thought to be called 'Black Edition' we're told the all black Telluride final name will be the 'Nightfall Edition Package'.

Sources tell us the announcement is coming in the next 60 days with first units hitting dealers around the holiday season.

Stay tuned as we will have more details and photos as soon as available.

COMING SOON: 2021 KIA Telluride To Make 'NIGHTFALL' Even MORE Exciting?

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