When you're a car person and you see friends it doesn't take long before the conversation turns to our favorite subject.

And when the jabbering starts it's not long before Tesla is part of the mix.

But I'm noticing, at least with friends of mine and at the places I frequent (and no I won't tell you where because the details of my life are quite inconsequential), I'm seeing more of THESE electrics than Tesla's.

What electric am I referring to?

I'm not referring to one brand in particular but the entire market of electric bikes, scooters and mopeds.

And the ones I've been seeing look pretty cool and the people and friends I speak with love theirs.

So our questions are...Do you OWN one and if so which model/models, do you like yours and if you don't have one are you considering one?

And why hasn't Tesla built a product line. They DID show the ATEV at the CyberTruck launch. Or APPLE.

Inquiring minds want to know.

And here's one video to enjoy if you haven't seen any of the latest models...

Spies discuss...

What Electric Is MORE Popular Than Tesla? You May Even Own One Or Thinking Of One As We Speak And Wonder Why Tesla Doesn't Make One Yet.

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