I have to say it's getting quite boring seeing the German's flailing away in the EV market as they are.

Announcement after announcement, promise after promise, on and on.

Then they launch a product, say like a BMW 330e and others. And burn money in a furnace on something that not only has ZERO chance at being a real challenger to Tesla, but even if it was has little chance of ever selling in volumes big enough to make money.

They've had these war chests of billions upon billions of dollars and one by one they are depleting them into the ground with a false hope.

That they will ever BEAT Tesla or that the EV market will EVER be more than 2-5% (I'm being generous here) of car sales.

To me, this seems like some of the most brain dead decision making I've ever seen.

Spies, tell me WHAT am I missing here. Why DESTROY your company for a market at BEST will never be a win?

Who are they kidding?

WHY Do The Germans Keep Flushing BILLIONS Of Dollars Into Developing EV's When They KNOW They'll Never Beat Tesla?

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