Yesterday was a big day for car lovers with the launch of the new 2021 Ford Bronco. And from the reaction Ford hit it OUT of the park.

Full disclosure, I ordered one myself. It was a nightmare because the servers were a mess and the order didn't go in for about 3 hours. But it finally worked.

And an owner of 5 JK Wranglers and one JL my initial opinion is the Bronco has made the Wrangler look ANCIENT.

But there is ONE thing they didn't do that they COULD have done that would have made the launch EVEN better.

What is that 001 you ASK?

They COULD have announced there would ALSO be a Mach-E electric model. Am I right?

And do you think that it is in the cards and SHOULD it be?

Full 2021 Ford Bronco Photo Gallery

Full 2021 Ford Bronco Photo Gallery

MISSED Opportunity and 1 MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION? Should Ford Have Offered A 2021 Bronco With The Mustang Mach-E Electric Motor?

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