Everything seems to be going right for Tesla these days. Now, another study shows crazy resale values for the Model 3.

“The Tesla Model 3 is the vehicle with the lowest depreciation overall, depreciating more than 5 times less than the average for the segment. “The Tesla Model 3 is still very much in high demand since it started production in 2017. Even though it doesn’t present a bargain compared to its new car price, it offers consumers a more affordable option for owning a Tesla.”

Here is a comparison chart that shows some other EV's:

One of the things that mystifies me is who on earth would ever buy a USED electric vehicle knowing how poor the resale is on many of them?

Would YOU ever buy one?

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Tesla Model 3 Resale Value Retains Almost A WHOPPING 90% After 3 Years! Would YOU EVER Buy A USED EV?

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