Donald Trump turns the White House into a rally venue again by posing under a Trump-branded crane to boast about 'deregulating' showers, dishwashers and lightbulbs and rant against Joe Biden claiming he will 'abolish the suburbs'

-Event staged on the South Lawn of the White House included a large crane and two Chevy pickup trucks
-Trump blasted regulations including those that govern shower-heads and dishwashers
-Claims people that do dishes run the machine three times
-You take a shower, the water does not come out'
-Also complained people run dishwashers three consecutive times
-Says he brought back 'old fashioned incandescent light bulbs'
-Said his plans will protect suburbs from being 'obliterated by Washington'

As he extolled the benefits of regulatory cuts, Trump repeatedly attacked rival Joe Biden as he did at an hour-long event in the White House Rose Garden Wednesday, drawing howls from critics for the use of the taxpayer-funded building.

Thursday's event featured two new Chevy pickup trucks – one red, and one blue. A crane with a 'Trump Administration' banner had three weights suspended over the red truck, with three weights stacked in the blue truck in prop meant to illustrate the burden of regulation.

So tell us, which side are YOU on when it comes to business regulations, specifically in autos.

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Are YOU ON OR OFF The 'TRUMP CRANE' When It Comes To Business Regulations? Specifically, In Autos.

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