Tesla advocates usually get mad when our articles point to issues in the company’s cars. Apart from the usual bashing, a few arguments are worth consideration, such as one related to the Ford Mustang Mach-E. One of these guys said it had the same design flaw we pointed out for the Model Y. And he was right, as the pictures in this article clearly show.

Only a few members in our team had the chance to check the Mach-E in person as it is still not for sale, which makes confirming that more difficult. Despite that, what we can see is a car that has the rear extreme of its tailgate at the same distance of the extreme of the rear bumper – hopefully. The worst-case scenario is if the tailgate extends rearwards beyond the bumper, as the Fiat Palio did.

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Mustang Mach-E Suffers From Same Design Issue As Tesla's Model Y

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