The Corvette rumor mill for models above the base level Stingray have been circulating again, with reports of an inbound all electric C8 Corvette E-Ray. At Muscle Cars and Trucks, we have been the most accurate source on C8 Corvette reporting ever since we launched last summer, and we’re here to tell you that the C8 will not spawn an electric variant, despite what presidential candidate Joe Biden says. It will, however, probably launch two hybrid models.

Here are the exact quotes...Biden said: "I believe that we can own the 21st century market again by moving to electric vehicles. And, by the way, they tell me, and I'm looking forward -- if it's true -- to driving one, that they're making an electric Corvette [that] can go 200 miles an hour."

Do you think Joe saying an electric Corvette was coming was an honest mistake, inside info slipping or there already IS one in his mind? And will it be the first Corvette with a PHONOGRAPH? Sorry, couldn't resist.

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Dear Joe Biden, It's NOT Nice To Lie To Corvette Enthusiasts. They Vote Too!

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