The first full rotation occurred at 35mph and was largely due to the fact I was convulsing with laughter.

The second happened a lap later and even though I was still giggling like a child, the reason for the spin was me applying nothing like enough corrective lock, nothing like quickly enough. But then, driving a replica Aston Martin DB5 that contains plenty of E46 BMW M3 and runs skinny Avons from a historic race car does require some adjustment when your head is adjusted to a load of very fast modern tackle.

And before you ask, no, you can’t buy this car. That might already have been mentioned earlier in this camping fantasy, but I’ll happily raise a hand to suggest that you bloody well should be able to. Here we are, lost in a sea of pointless crazy fast supercars, many of which will wear Aston Martin badges, and a stunt-double DB5 with skinny tyres and under 350bhp arrives to remind us all where things are going wrong.

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Supercar Shootout: Porsche Taycan vs BMW M2 vs Ferrari F8 vs Porsche 911 vs Aston Martin DB5

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