YouTuber WhistlinDiesel embodies truck culture in ways we're not quite interested in exploring.

However, his latest stunt—like pretty much all of his others—makes you wonder, "Why?" Although a video of it hasn't been posted on his channel quite yet, a series of social media posts shows the internet personality drove a two-axle, eight-wheeled Chevy Silverado near the Atlantic Ocean between Longboat Key and Bradenton Beach, Florida. 

Floating seemingly thanks to the immense amount of air in its tires, the truck made it into the water before local authorities arrived. No, it doesn't have a propeller—he just drove it into the water before getting pulled back by a boat, surrounded by the Coast Guard, sheriff's office and Department of Natural Resources, according to an Instagram post. It's hard to imagine the DNR is too happy about a diesel truck driving in a protected body of water, but hey.



Just a normal day in Bradenton with @whistlindzl

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