I don't think ANYONE will doubt me in saying 2020 sure has been some kind of year. Pandemics, riots, elections, looting and the craziness just hasn't stopped!

And the car business has not dodged its effect either.

What would you have said if we predicted two years ago that in 2020 the premium brand cars like Audi, Lexus, BMW would be collecting dust and only selling at steep discounts? And KIA would have a model that people were paying over $15k ABOVE MSRP to own.

You would have said 001, what you been smokin'?

Well my friends, it's 2020 and it's HAPPENING.

I took my Telluride in for an oil change (23k miles) and the dealer is in the same auto mall with Audi, MB, Lexus, etc.

So while I was waiting for it, I decided to visit a couple of the other dealers undercover and get a state of the union.

Let's just say those premium brands have a LOT of inventory sitting, collecting dust and the sales people told me only selling at steep discounts.

YET, at my KIA dealer, all the loaded Tellurides are not only selling but you CANNOT buy one for LESS than $10k ABOVE MRSP. Think I'm kidding? I got the pictures! And I saw one being delivered for that while I was there.

This is the 2021 Nightfall Edition in the new Wolf Gray color. I think if i got a 21 I'd choose that color.

But there you see it... TEN G'S OVER! And they're GETTING IT!

Check out the rest of the photos and let us know YOUR opinions on the current state of the car biz and your opinion of this new color choice on the Telluride?

2020 SURE Has Been Something! What Else Could Explain Premium Brand Cars Collecting Dust At Dealers While KIA'S Are Selling For $10k OVER MSRP?

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