If you've been following the Kia world you know the Telluride has become a game changer and has earned the nickname 'Selluride' because it's selling like toilet paper.

Yes, it used to be hotcakes but after all this IS 2020 and people are buying more Charmin than Eggo's.

Next up is the Sorento and it looks to us it might even become the hottest thing they have kind of how Macan interest stole the show from Cayenne.

That said, although they're doing many things right but one thing that has gotten under our skin is Kia showing these really cool versions tarted up to look more off-road authentic, yet NEVER making any of these versions available for sale.

I remember when I saw the cool Orange Telluride with the lower graphics at the auto shows i thought HOLY CHEROKEE CHIEF/Wagoneer hommage!

And I also felt they would sell. But so far, all we've gotten is the uninspired 'Nightfall Edition'. Not bad, but certainly not LUST worthy.

So KIA, RELEASE THE KRACKEN and bring these to market!

Another oddity worth mentioning...The release says the Sorento will be in dealers in early November yet the month is almost over and no sign of it at dealers or on the Kia site. What's up with that?

For now enjoy these hot SEMA Sorento Concept pics.

Since the arrival of the award-winning Telluride last year and the head-turning Seltos in early 2020, Kia Motors America (KMA) has had its sights on building a robust and reimagined SUV line-up.  As the next step in this capability-focused product strategy, the all-new 2021 Sorento is poised to bring customers a new level of trail-ready toughness not yet seen from the brand.  To celebrate this rugged personality, KMA unveiled a pair of custom-built Sorento SUVs – the Yosemite Edition and the Zion Edition – during the brand’s virtual national dealer meeting this week.  The two wilderness-themed SUVs build upon the production Sorento X-Line model, a variant that highlights off-road prowess with unique 20-inch wheels, increased ride height to 8.3-in., improved approach/departure angles, more advanced AWD with snow-mode, and a more robust roof rack than the outgoing Sorento.

Aggressive Custom SUVs Signal Brand’s Focus on Adventure, Capability and Trail Readiness

* Sorento Yosemite Edition aims at exploring high-elevation locales and mountain living
* Sorento Zion Edition is a dune-defeating desert escape vehicle

Customized by LGE-CTE Motorsports of San Dimas, CA, each vehicle receives its namesake and inspiration from the outdoor environments found in America’s great national parks.  The Sorento Yosemite Edition is a dream build for high elevation adventuring and mountain living, painted in “Pine Green” in a matte finish with gloss and matte black accents.  The Sorento Zion Edition is a desert escape vehicle made for stomping dunes, painted in “Desert Sand” in a gloss finish with gloss black accents.

Both feature custom fender flares that sit atop 20-inch wheels and 32-inch all-terrain tires. Body armor includes custom skid plates and brush guards in a satin chrome finish.  For packing gear, the Yosemite edition wears a brawny roof rack, while the Zion Edition comes equipped with a full-length cargo top.  The duo will be making special appearances around the country to capture the imagination of adventurers and enthusiasts, alike.

While most customers will not take their Sorento to the level of customization seen on the Yosemite and Zion Editions, many have shown a penchant for personalizing their Kia SUVs.  To satisfy that desire, Kia will offer an exciting range of port-installed and dealer-installed accessories.  Customers can tailor their Sorento to their lifestyle and needs with attachments such as roof rack crossbars, tow hitches for trailers, and side steps for easier load-in of toys.

The 2021 Kia Sorento will arrive in showrooms beginning in November.

WHY Does Kia Keep Showing Off-Road Style Concepts Like THIS 2021 Sorento And Telluride Yet NEVER Follow Through And Offer Them For Sale?

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