Range Rovers from the luxury 4x4's 50-year history, including one originally bought by a member of Queen .

.. and one once owned by the Queen herself.

While Lilibet is named after the monarch, David Barker’s 1981 two-door convertible is connected to a different Queen – the British rock band.

“The original owner was drummer Roger Taylor,” said Barker. “It was converted from new to a convertible. I don’t know if he saw it in a showroom or specified how he wanted it to be – no roof, electric windows, wood trim, leather. He owned it for about two years then sold it to Queen’s manager, Jim Beach, and Queen’s management company.”

Barker has a photograph of Taylor sitting in the car, and the documents show the musician was the first owner. But there’s a slim chance it could have been driven by an even bigger star: lead singer Freddie Mercury.

“There are rumours that this was Freddie’s car,” Barker said. But he’s not so sure. “Freddie didn’t drive. I think he sat in the back of a Rolls-Royce, mostly.”

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