The times they are a crazy and as we American's who celebrate Thanksgiving are sitting here TOTALLY OVER SERVED today we thought a 'what if' car conversation would help us all digest.

None of us know how this election is going to play out. One side is claiming victory and the other says the election was stolen and in the end Trump will be in for four more years.

None of us know how it will turn out but we DO know that Biden has said he would shut down the country again if the science recommends it.

We're not here to discuss if it will happen or not.

We only want to do a fun 'what if ' and make the focus about cars and trucks.

Tell us IF it were to happen and we all found out the country is shutting down for ALL of 2021 vehicle would you choose to weather an extreme move like that?

Remember you can only choose ONE vehicle and it must be able to handle all your needs during an extended lockdown.

So Spies, go have a seat by the fire, get your favorite beverage and tell us which vehicle ends up as your LOCKDOWN MASTER?

IF The Next President Locks Down The Country For 2021 And You Can Only Have ONE Vehicle To Be Your Jack Of All Trades WHICH Would You Pick?

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