If you know me from the site or personally you'll quickly know I have a problem.

A BIG problem. With Cars. I love flipping them and driving lots of stuff.

The last tryst I just had was with the 2020 KIA Telluride.

What a game changing, great surprise of a vehicle. Certainly in my top 10 daily drivers EVER. It's THAT good.

And I've had X5's, GL's, Tahoe's, Escalade's, etc.

To give you a little flavor of what I've had since say 2007....Wranglers (5), Porsche 911s (2), Escalade, 330d M-Sport, X5, X1, F-150 (4), Tacoma TRD Pro. That gives you a taste.

I got a Bronco and CyberTruck on order.

So the key here and 00R and 009 will tell you that I have that ability to buy rides right and in 6 months to a year break even or make bank.

So the million dollar question is what do I snag NEXT?

Here are the parameters...1. Gotta be able to flip in late spring so it's gotta have a killer resale value. 2. It's gotta be fun. 3. It HAS to have active cruise (full stop). That's it. Not an easy task right now.

And although I usually go new, sometimes i steal some used stuff like my 991 911s.

Let me know your suggestions...I'll let you all know in the comments some of my ideas once this gets rolling.

So can you help a brotha out?

It's THAT Time AGAIN! What Vehicle Should 001 Pull The Trigger On Next?

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