This is going to sound like Grandpa at the Thanksgiving table but here I go.

Kids don't give a crap about cars like WE did as kids!

But in this case Gramps would be right.

I remember how much cars mattered as a kid. Everyone was great at picking out the year, make and model because of the old fashioned summer car trips with the family, playing name the car games to pass the time.

And all of us had cars we idolized thinking SOMEDAY, when I make in life I'll get one of THESE!

But in many cases even though we finally had the means to buy one, once we owned it, we found out it really WASN'T all that like we envisioned.

So what vehicles were it for you and which disappointed you as an adult?

I'll start the action...for me it was the W140 Mercedes S-Class. i thought MAN, you were some WHEEL if you owned one of those. When I finally got my first, a 1989 420SEL, I was disappointed it didn't live up to the vision I had of it in my mind. Wasn't bad, just not what I thought the ultimate would be at the time. I expected more.

Which was it for you?

WHICH Vehicles Did You IDOLIZE As A Kid But Find Out They Were BIG Letdowns As An Adult?

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