I've been spying the new Porsche Taycan here and there and you would think that is good.

But something I'm also noticing is I'm no longer seeing ANY new Panamera's on my daily jaunts around my area.

And I'm trying to think of how the conversation might be going at the local Porsche dealer on sales interactions with customers...

Customer: Hi, do you have the new ELECTRIC Porsche?

Sales: Yes, I do, it's right here.

Customer: Ooh, that looks nice, how much is it?

Sales: Well, the units we have available right now are 180-200k+.

Customer:  Jaw drop.

Sales: But I can sell you a REAL nice Panamera you'll LOVE starting around $80k!

Customer seeing some SUV's on the floor: Are THOSE electric?

Sales: No Sir/Maam, but we'll have a Macan electric in a year or two?

Customer: Will it be an all new sleek design like the Taycan?

Sales: No, it will look like the current one with a little refreshing.

Customer: Ok, thank you, we'll think about it.

And that's my guess of a typical scenario.

So let me ask...Has the Taycan done MORE damage to the brands total sales or helped?

Did The Porsche Taycan Do MORE Damage To The Brand By DESTROYING Everyone's Desire To Own A Panamera Or Other Porsche Models?

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