I've found over the years the car business goes in cycles.

Some brands are hot for a while then something happens and it flips to someone else.

I remember when Audi was OUT of it and then the R8 drops and the LED lights and boom, they rise again to the top, etc.

The BMW 3-Series was 'unbeatable' in everything and then Elon came a rained on the parade.

You know the story and how many times things have gone back and forth. And will always do so.

No one stays at the top forever.

It's inevitable.

So in your history of owning vehicles tell us which brands/models you used to love and ruled your car universe that are no longer interesting to you and which have taken its place. And tell us WHY.


WHICH Brands/Models That You USED To Dig Have You Abandoned And Give NO Love To Anymore? And WHY?

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