Over the years, we've learned that car dealers can get very creative with aftermarket mods to add and pad the profit margin on hot cars.

Just go to a Jeep dealer and see how they take a Wrangler Sport that should retail for high 30's, slap on some off road wheels, lift it a couple inches and change the shocks and change the MRSP to 60k+.

Well one of the HOTTEST vehicles out there is the Kia Telluride. And as you've read before they are getting marked up significantly because they aren't getting the allocations they want and need to up the gross for the dealership.

And here's a cool example how they test ideas that will stick and excite the customer. A spy in Az. sent us these shots of what we're calling a 'Range Rovified' Telluride TWO-TONE.

If you ask us not only do we think it looks hot (although we would have chosen a better lower color wrap than 'pea soup green'), we think KIA should consider offering this as a package in the future.

Maybe they were getting their 'GIVERNY' on when they chose the color?

Do you agree with us?


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Does Kia Need To ‘RANGE ROVIFY’ The Telluride By Adding A Factory Two-Tone Option Like THIS?

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