When the Genesis brand made its splash, I said to myself they are taking on the challenge of a lifetime.

There is so much competition especially in the luxury segment, and anyone who thinks they're gonna waltz in and OWN, well, we need to have a LONG talk with them.

Now throw in the NEW wildcard, Elon Musk and TESLA.

And with every move, the goal of being able to have the staying power and the product lineup gets more complicated by the day.

This business is first and foremost about the product. If you don't have that, the rest becomes an impossibility.

So based on their first products, a 3-Series competitor, and some luxobarges for cheapskates.

Would there be any other reason to buy their flagship sedans? They don't look any better, drive better and are absent of cachet. All they got is if you want the poor mans S-Class, come see us.

At the autoshows 00R and I mentioned that this business needs a consolidation, not an expansion.

There are too many models and too many brands.

Infiniti, Chrysler, Alfa, Fiat, we could go on but they're all hanging on a thread.

The one model they have with potential is the new SUV. That is their best effort and a good value for the dough. And in SUV's crossover's and trucks there IS growth potential.

My first words to 009 and 00R we're WHY did they waste any time on the sedans and not lead with the affordable Bentayga as I called it.

It's getting decent reviews and it's a bargain for what you get.

So my question is does Genesis push Infiniti off the cliff and take their spot?

Are they a BETTER Infiniti or WORSE?


Is The GENESIS Brand The NEW Infiniti? OR, Is It Better Or Worse?

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