I did something awful yesterday.

I've always been the guy who likes the best of everything.

So the idea of ME thinking of buying a BASE model vehicle...God, what happened to me yesterday?

I've been in the market for a new ride and there is nothing out there I like with a decent deal and my Bronco isn't coming till May if I'm lucky.

That is IF the world even exists by then. After 2020, the jury is out on that.

So I thought MAYBE I'll steal a used Jeep or buy a work pickup with one of those crazy 14k discounts to drive in the interim. I'm working on a house so it will come in handy.

But on my trek yesterday, those deals are gone and the inventory dried up so dealers are holding the line. It could be the WORST time to buy a vehicle in as long as I can remember.

But back to be doing something awful...

In the pickup truck market right now, GM is the most desperate on price.

So I thought I would change my ways from always getting F-150 and consider a Silverado. Hey, all pickups have good resale, ESPECIALLY the base work truck. Go try to find a good, low mileage one in good condition. Few and far between. ANYWHERE in the USA.

So I went to the local dealer and I'll say it, they got a decent looking truck. In FACT, I like the new face better than the 2021 F-150 and RAM.

And all was going good until I got inside.

When I sat down on the drivers seat it felt familiar. Like sitting on a CEMENT bench when you used to wait for a bus.

It had NO give. ZERO. And compared to other truck it was a smaller seat. Something you'd see in an old Chevy Cruze. Which is NOT a good thing.

The rest of the interior was what I expected. Holy 1990's except for the nav screen.

We all remember the base cars of our youth and how we dreamed that someday we'd be livin' the life in some amazing car.

So the question tonight is based on YOUR experience or from what you hear from family and friends, are base model vehicle materials ANY better than the ones we all complained about from years past? Is is a sh_tbox, STILL a sh_tbox?

Is The Quality Of Materials Of BASE Model Cars And Trucks ANY Better Than the Ones Of Say Ten Years Ago? OR, Are They ALL Still SH_TBoxes?

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