We blinked and 2020 has flown past and it's December.

And for many, that means driving in inclement situations like snow, freezing rain and ice.

So you're with friends and relatives, in person, keeping your distance or facetiming and zooming with them.

And they pop the question.

They say something like "Hey Bud, you're a big car guy/gal. I need a vehicle that will get me through all the crap coming this winter. And I want my drives DRAMA free. I don't want your opinion on rides that can deal with it, I want your choices for the ones that have NO equal. The kind that when I look out my window and there's three feet of snow in the driveway knowing I got a 45 min ride to and from work, that are MASTERS at this kind of commute. Or when I give the keys to those I love, I have NO worries."

So which are your favorites? For SNOW and ICE. Pick your top 3. And ideally, I'd like to see the ones that are amazing even WITHOUT snow/winter tires on them.

And as your leader I will be monitoring your answers and they'd better be good. Remember, I am from Buffalo, and not many know SNOW and ICE better than I. I also know about Molson Ice, but that's a whole other story.


A Family Member Or Friend Asks You To Recommend The BEST Vehicles To Buy For SNOW And ICE Performance. WHAT Are YOUR Choices?

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